If you want to improve your store, so you can obtain more sales and make your life easier in terms of management, then you need to add apps. Fortunately, for you, you can do it free, and that is why we are going to share with you the top 10 free apps.

To Include Reviews: Product Reviews

As its own name implies, Product Reviews allows your customers to leave reviews and ratings about your products. It is an excellent app for your store, because it will help potential buyers to make a decision by seeing that other people vouch for your products.

To Personalize Products: Infinite Options

The more work someone puts into something, the more he/she will love it. Therefore, personalization is a must. Bring your customer the chance to personalize their orders with Infinite Options, so you can obtain more sales and more customer satisfaction, and the best part, it is free!

To Inspire Trust: Trust Badges

To buy, customers need to trust you, and by adding trust badges, you will help them. It is a free and easy to use app, and therefore, it is completely worth it. In addition to social proof – like reviews – and great copy, you will increase your conversion rate.

To Improve Your SEO: Benchmark Hero

SEO will help you to obtain laser targeted traffic from search engines, and therefore, Benchmark Hero is essential. The app will let you know what improvements to make based on a complete site audit, so you can fix the errors and get better results.

To Recover Abandoned Carts: PushOwl

More than 70% of customers will not buy from you and leave abandoned carts, but that is not a problem, because thanks to PushOwl, you can recover many of such customers and turn them into buyers. The easiest way to drive up your sales, and since it is free, it is a no brainer.

To Obtain Referrals: Swell

Referrals are a great way to drive more sales, and therefore, you should install Swell. You will bring people enough incentives to bring more visitors to your store, in hopes of getting prizes or a portion of every purchase they have referred.

To Track Data: Compass

To increase your conversion rate, you need to track data, so you know where to improve. Thanks to Compass, you can do it accurately and without paying a single cent. You will get exclusive insights about your store, so you can identify the best areas to improve.

To Cross Sell: Upsell and Cross-sell Products

Cross selling is a great way to drive up your average order value, and hence, generate more money from your already existing traffic. Thanks to Upsell and Cross-sell Products, you can implement this winning system without paying a dime.

To Chat in Live: Tidio

Customers love live chat, because you can answer their questions instantly, which will help them to make a decision. Thanks to Tidio, you can do it free. You will have the chance to close a lot more sales at the right moment.

To Print Orders: Order Printer

Finally, to print all the information regarding your orders, such as invoices, receipts and labels, you can use Order Printer. Easy to use, free and practical, what else is there to ask? It will save you a lot of time, since you will be able to keep track of your data in a physical manner.

Final Words

Now that you know about these 10 free apps for your Shopify store, all you need to do is to go ahead and install them. They will mark a before and an after in your store, for sure!