If you want to make your business grow, then you need to make first impressions memorable and catching.

The design of your website, its layout, the colors you use, the buy buttons, the heading, the copy and everything else plays a huge role in making the right first impression.

That is why we are going to share with you the best psychological design tips to make your visitors click like crazy!

Leverage Human Behavior

Simply put, design your website for humans, and especially your target market. You need to speak their language to build a connection with them that will lead to clicks, and eventually, sales.

For example, look at Craigslist. For many, it looks outdated and many people have suggested new designs. However, guess what? They stick to the original design.


Because their target market just want a platform that makes it easy to post an ad, or alternatively, find an ad.

Therefore, put the interests, needs and goals of your target market above all when designing your website. You will notice a huge difference.

Use Colors Smartly

Color theory is immensely helpful when it comes to marketing, design and eCommerce. You can trigger all sort of actions and feeling using specific colors and combinations.

Therefore, you need to get right the fundamentals of color theory:

  • Green: Linked with wealth and eyes can process it easily
  • Blue: Inspires security and trust, and banks often use it
  • Red: Provokes a sense of urgency, accelerates heart rate, great for sales

In fact, according to studies like the one executed by KissMetrics, they discovered that 93% of shoppers consider visual appearance as the most important factor when it comes to marketing.

We also have gender-specific preferences, because women tend to prefer softer colors whereas men prefer bright, strong colors.

As you can see, colors can help you to customize your website according to your target market, to generate more clicks, and eventually, sales.

Reduce the Number of Options

The more options you offer, the more distracted your visitors will be. Therefore, just keep things simple and keep the number of options as small as possible.

Therefore, you need to keep the layout of your website simple and straight to the point, and that includes all the elements such as navigation, menus, product lists, etc.

Make it easy for your visitors to know what to do and what decision to take, and you will see a noticeable boost in your clicks, and of course, conversions.

Use the Power of Mobile

In a nutshell, make it easy for users to use your store with their thumbs, because that is how they do it on mobile devices. Tailor your call to actions, buy buttons and navigation to make it easy for their thumbs, so to speak.

The easier you make it for mobile users, the more clicks you will get. Just make these adjustments and you are sure to see improvements.

Exploit the Human Factor

Finally, you should not dismiss the power of the human factor. Therefore, you should start using more faces on your design, especially smiles, since we have brain cells that respond especially to faces.

Whenever possible, use human faces to share your message and design your website. You will create a stronger bond, and especially if such faces resonate with your target audience.

A pro tip is to use photos of people that look directly at anything you want the visitors to pay attention to, such as a buy button or register button.


Now that you know how to use these psychological tactics, you can use them to tailor your design to your target audience and start getting amazing results.