If you want to sell, then you need to write winning product descriptions, and that is exactly what we are going to show you today.

Our tips are easy to apply, and in consequence, you will be in the position to write product descriptions that sell from scratch, as well as improving already existing ones to obtain better conversions.

Exploit Sensory Words

Sensory words are a great way to drive up sales because they spark emotions in your customers. You need to describe as much as possible about your product, be it about its flavor, texture, sound, feel, etc. You need to help your customers to picture your product in their mind.

Therefore, use these powerful adjectives strategically to make your product descriptions more attractive and engaging, which will help you to boost sales.

You need to engage readers and focus their attention on what you are saying, and sensory words will catch their interest, and allow you to sell to them.

Demonstrate the Benefits

People do not care a lot about features, but about the benefits that your product will offer them. If it is going to make their lives easier, or add value, then they will listen, but you need to be specific and explain it in an attractive manner.

Illustrate how buying your product will help them to solve a problem, and how it is going to mark a before and an after in their life.

Do it right and you shall see more conversions, because people want to learn, in a quick way, what benefits your product will offer. Therefore, forget about plain features and turn them into attractive benefits that invite your customers to buy.

Use Superlatives that Make Sense

Superlatives are a great way to make your product descriptions attractive, but only if you show that your claims are real. Otherwise, it will make your copy sound insincere, and evidently, it will affect your conversions negatively.

For example, if you are selling a surf board, and you state that it is the best surf board for beginners, then let the customer know why it is the best on the market.

Do it by describing its most important benefits, statistics and other facts that will allow the reader to understand why the superlative makes sense, and hence, is real.

Use Stories

If you can describe your product as in a story, then you will connect with your customer in a deeper manner, which will allow you to persuade it to buy from you. Use it as an opportunity to share an experience that connects with your customer.

Remember to keep your stories and straight to the point. Describe the benefits of your product as well, but as a way of relating the story. Your customers will take this pitch much better, and consequently, you will obtain more sales.

Target Your Market

Finally, you should always consider your target market when writing your product descriptions. Think about what they like, what language they use, their passions, their interests, etc.

It should be in the first place, but we thought it would be good to include at the end, so you can see that all the aforementioned techniques work only when you know your target market.

  • Identify the sensory words that resonate with them
  • Use their own language to describe the benefits of your product
  • Let them see that your superlatives are justified with reasons that they understand
  • Use stories where you share experiences that they have also lived

As you can see, it is not that hard. Now that you have this material in your hands, it is time for you to take your product descriptions to the next level!