If you want to make more money with your online store, then one of the most effective ways to do it is via increasing the average order value. In this post, we are going to share with you the most effective ways to accomplish it.

Set Up Minimum Order Quantities for Exclusive Discounts

Discounts are a great way to generate sales, and you can also use them to motivate your customers to buy more, and you can accomplish it by setting a minimum order quantity to qualify for an exclusive discount.

For example, you could give your customers an exclusive discount of 10% off when their orders are over $50, and when they are over $150, then they will obtain a 20% off discount.

Test different discounts and see how your customers react, so you can measure the best responses, and based on that, elaborate your entire strategy.

Offer Products in Bundles

Another good way to incentive customers to buy more is to sell products in bundles. However, it is important to highlight that, by buying in a bundle, they will save money than if they bought each item individually.

For example, let us suppose that your nootropics supplement costs $40 USD a bottle, but they can get a bundle of 6 bottles for only $180 USD, reducing the price from $40 USD to $30 USD per unit.

The technique is simple but powerful, as it will show customers that they have a great opportunity in front of them, and that discarding it would be a bad decision.

Bring Specific Product Recommendations

Suggesting similar products that your customers would also like to buy when they are checking out is an excellent way to drive up your average order value. You do not have to do it manually, because you can use the following apps to simply your life:

  • AutoCommerce
  • AI
  • Visely Product Recommendations

Test different products and see how your customers react, because it will help you to see which products make the most sales.

Create a Customer Loyalty Program

If you are in a business that sells products that costumers need to buy regularly, such as food and supplements, then you can create a customer loyalty program, because it will motivate your customers to come back and buy more.

In combination with the other techniques we have seen, as well as cross selling, you will obtain much better results.

Make Use of Cross-Selling

Upsells and cross selling are powerful ways to drive up your average order value, and it is similar to suggesting relevant products. Let us suppose that your customer is buying a kayak, then you can cross sell accessories such as a protector for the kayak, a net for the desk, a fishing package, etc.

Final Words

Now you have simple and powerful actions to elevate your average order value through the roof. So, now just take action and work on it, because you will obtain amazing results.